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State Required Information

Welcome to the State Required Information page!
Within this page you can find links to various important information. Click the link to view the information available.

Please be advised that some of this information will be updated as it becomes available. Be sure to check back later!

2020-2021 Woodlawn School District Calendar 

Annual Report to the Public 3-B.2.1

Elementary Report to the Public 

District Policies Handbook (2020, Complete document or by single section available below)

Licensed Personnel Covid Emergency Leave

Face Covering Policy 

Student Discipline Policies

District Support Plan (1-B.4 Updated Sep 1st for the 2020-2021 School Year)

Student Attendance Policies (2-B.1 August 1 – See Handbooks below.)


Vaccination and Immunization Report

  • For this year, 2020-2021 there are zero exemptions


Comprehensive School Counseling Plan

Dyslexia Information
In the above link, you can find:

  • Dyslexia Interventions used during previous school year

  • Number of Students Receiving Dyslexia Interventions During Previous Year

  • Total Number of Students Identified with characteristics of Dyslexia during Previous Year


Policies for Fiscal Operations of District 3-A.1 August 1 (as of 8-4-2020, until further approved/update)

Licensed and Classified Personnel Policies 3-A.2 August 1

Student Handbooks:


School-Level Improvement Plans (Includes Literacy Plan) 


Family and Community Engagement Plan

Bullying Policies

Annual School Performance Report

List of Waivers Granted to District and Schools Within 30 Days of Approval

Notice of the Time, Date and Place of School Board Meetings

Minutes of Regular and Special Board Meetings

Immunization Completion § 6-18-702

Financial Data

State and Local Revenue Sources (State Aid Notice)

Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefit Expenditure Data


School District Balances Includes Legal and Building Fund Balances
Broken down by Monthly Expenses
Operating Balances

Activity Balances


District Budget for the Current Year



Salary Schedules for All Employees Including Extending Contract and Supplementary Pay Amounts 




Current Contract Information for all Employees



Annual School District Statistical Report My School Info > Search District > Select District Name > Report Tab > Annual Statistical Report > Select Data Button > Export PDF