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Retha Sawyer


Currently, I teach American History (11th grade), PreAP World and World History (10th grade), Economics (9th grade), and World Geography (10th-12th grades). All of these are required for graduation except World Geography, which is the only social studies elective. (Woodlawn offers AP American History on line; I do not teach that class).

CLASS SUPPLY LIST:  for all of my social studies classes

Students are expected to ALWAYS have these supplies for my classes!

**Class notebook for daily notes and some assignments. It can be a binder, spiral notebook, folder with pages that can be added; If a student has a multi-subject binder or notebook, a section for my class will be fine. A notebook with pockets is preferred.  Notes are a very important part of my classes.

**Pen or Pencil ALWAYS!! I does not matter to me which one is used, as long as it is brought to class daily.

**A text will be issued and will need to be brought to class EVERY DAY.

**Optional—a text book cover would be appreciated; this really helps limit wear and tear of texts. It is not required but would be a good thing to have. (many students choose to make a book cover).

Retha Sawyer

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