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Handbooks/Discipline Policies

Woodlawn School District (WSD) schools develop student discipline policies through the commitment, cooperation, and involvement of administrators, teachers, students, parents, and counslors.  The policies provide WSD expectations of student conduct and specify the consequesnces of violating the rules and expectations. 

Click the link below to acces the school Handbook webpage.

Woodlawn Elementary Handbook Page Woodlawn High School Handbook Page

For more information contact

LaDonna Spain, Ed.S.
Elementary Principal
6760 Hwy 63
Rison, AR  71655
Phone:  (870)357-2211
Fax:  (870)357-2180

For more information contact

Jeff Wylie
High School Principal
6760 Hwy 63
Rison, AR  71655
Phone: (870)357-8171
Fax: (870)357-8022