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Section 504

Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973)

Applies to any activity, entity, institution, or program that receives federal funds. Section 504 requires students to have a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). 

Students elgible for services under Section 504 according to the USDE and DESE must have a mental or physical impariment that substantially limits a major life function. 

Elgibility is determined by a team of educators that are familiar with the student, the students data, and available placement and service options.  When needed an elgible student may also be provided a plan that targets actions comparible in quality to students without disabilities. Planned actions might include accomadations or modifications within the students education program.

Section 504 provides a series of procedures through district processes that protects the rights of students and parents.  

Section 504 Complaints and Investigations

Section 504 Hearing Procedures

For more information, educators, parents, and students are encouraged to contact the school 504 Coordinator.  

Elementary Section 504 Coordinator High School Section 504 Coordinator

Lori Green
Elementary Counselor
Foster Care Liaison Coordinator
Elementary Section 504 Coordinator (Rehabilitation Act of 1973)
Parent Facilitator (Elementary)

Jeff Wylie
High School Principal
High School Section 504 Coordinator (Rehabilitation Act of 1973)


6760 Hwy 63
Rison, AR  71655
Phone:  (870)357-2211
Fax:  (870)357-2180
6760 Hwy 63
Rison, AR  71655
Phone: (870)357-8171
Fax: (870)357-8022




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