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Elementary Leadership Team

Woodlawn Elementary School

Leadership Team Members

Misty Davis, Upper Level Teacher, representative, and PPC member

Dana Gavin, Dyslexia Teacher and Literacy Interventionist / Facilitator

Teresa Huddleston, Administrative Assistant

Michelle McCoskey, Teacher, Reading Interventionist, Computer Technology

Amy Tisdale, Lower Level Teacher and representative

LaDonna Spain, Administrator



Learning is Key.  


Woodlawn Elementary School believes that in order to achieve the mission of our school, we will develop a professional learning community process that provides student focused education by ensuring our staff 
Work collaboratively together
Demonstrate a transformative mind-set for the general well-being of the students
Commit to implementing promising strategies that improve student learning
Implement a results driven process to monitor each student’s progress on a frequent basis using a tiered system of response to intervention (RtI)
Ensure ALL students learn at high levels

Leaders collaborate with others through mutual respect, trust and professionalism.
Are open to new ideas promoting effective and efficient practices.
Supports are in place as a commitment to the whole child.
Service is expected for successful outcomes for students. 


It is the mission of Woodlawn Elementary School to provide ALL students with opportunities to achieve high levels of learning and the guidance necessary to develop skills for consuming and producing information.  We believe learning is a lifelong process in which students are expected to take personal responsibility for that learning. This learning must take place in a nurturing, safe environment that recognizes the diversity of individuals while assuring equity for all.

Foundational Goals

Chart progress on continuum 
Meet with guiding coalition/leadership and Ready for Learning teams
Establish a process for living out the vision
Communicate and celebrate the collective commitment
This year, all teachers reduce learning gaps of students by implementing a response to intervention (RtI) process . 

Continuous Improvement Goals
Woodlawn Elementary School will implement a six principal system when preparing the school to be Ready for Learning in 2020-21.  The six systems include District Operations & Fiscal Governance, Facilities & Transportation; Academics, Human Capital, Student Support, and Stakeholder Communication/Family & Community Engagement.  

For specific information regarding Goals and Action plans click here to access the Continuous Improvement Plan.