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Students are subject to the same rules of conduct while traveling to and from school as they are while on school grounds. Appropriate disciplinary actions may be taken against commuting students who violate student code of conduct rules.

The preceding paragraph also applies to student conduct while on school buses. Students shall be instructed in safe riding practices. The driver of a school bus shall not operate the school bus until every passenger is seated. Disciplinary measures for problems related to bus behavior shall include suspension or expulsion from school, or suspending or terminating the student’s bus transportation privileges. Transporting students to and from school who have lost their bus transportation privileges shall become the responsibility of the student’s parent or legal guardian.





All school buses are owned and operated by the school district.  Bus services are provided for students who live at least two miles from school. Students are under the supervision of the bus drivers for their conduct.  Students are to behave in a quiet, orderly manner while on the bus.  Any student whose behavior distracts the driver will be subject to disciplinary action by the administration to include removal of riding privileges. If a student is distracting a Bus Driver with his/her behavior the Bus Driver has the authority to suspend the student’s bus riding privilege until the students parent/guardian has a conference with the school Principal. Buses will run as nearly on schedule as possible.  Students are urged to be ready on time. Buses will be routed to provide services for the greatest number of students.  Bus routes are planned to get to within 1/4 mile of the home location of each student if other factors permit.   No school bus shall deviate from its established route except on instruction from the superintendent of the school.


1.   Obey the bus driver.

2.   Stay seated when bus is moving.

3.   No fighting, refer to handbook rule on fighting.

4.   No talking ugly, swearing, name calling or shouting.

5.   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself/no throwing objects and keep feet out of aisles.

6.   No eating, drinking, or use of tobacco products on the bus.

7.   Student must have a note from the parent when riding a different bus.

8.   Whoever uses the bus cleans the bus.


1st offense-Sent to principal's office

2nd offense-Confer with parent, may be done by phone

3rd offense-(3) days suspension from school bus

4th offense-Suspension for the remainder of the semester from school bus

5th offense-Permanent suspension from school bus

Same rules to be posted on each bus.