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Bears Win Fourth State Title

2016 Class 2A Baseball Champions

Sophomore Reece Michels was named MVP.


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*photos courtesy of Melissa Stover 

What Parents Need to Know About

Summer Slide

By the end of May, there is no doubt that parents, teachers, and students are ready for summer break. Everyone needs some time to relax, enjoy family time, and make some memories; however, summer slide can wreak havoc on the gains that students have made during the year. Many students are not exposed to educational opportunities in the summer months, and those students fall behind. 




Did you know?

  • Nationwide many teachers spend from three to six weeks re-teaching skills from the previous year.
  • Most students loose the grade level equivocal of two months of math computation skills. Low income students loose more than two months of reading achievement whereas students of middle income families who might attend summer camps, visit museums and libraries, and other cultural activities show gains.
  • This loss is cumulative; it increases from year to year.


How can parents help students to retain and gain learning over the summer?

  • Read with your children each day.
  • For older children, require a quiet time each day for reading. During mealtime, car rides, or before bed, discuss what is being read.
  • Take trips to the library, museums, historical landmarks, etc… Encourage children to journal about what they have learned from the visit.
  • During car trips or when planning trips, have children read a map, estimate arrival times, create a budget for gas and expenses, and choose the best route. Even if the budget won’t cover a long trip, plan one! By talking to your child about what he would like to do and where he would like to visit, you will build memories and encourage learning.
  • Have family game nights. Play board games or card games; have the children keep score, be the banker, read the directions, etc…
  • Let the kids plan and prepare dinner. Reading recipes and measuring ingredients will be great practice in both reading and math.


Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters


912 West 6th Ave.

Pine Bluff, AR 71601


Cleveland County Home Visitor

Kristin Brown



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